Merry Christmas and happy uploading!

Santa’s Little Helpers have been working hard to bring you the 3.0 release of Convos, but it’s all done and ready to come down a chimney where you live.

This is probably my favorite release so far. “Why?”, you might ask. Well, the reason is simple: You can now upload photos (or any file you like) directly using Convos, without the hassle of going through a third party service.

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How to get Convos up and running on DigitalOcean

Not sure how to get your Convos to be truly always online in the cloud? Fear not: This tutorial will help you get up and running on DigitalOcean.

It should only take ten minutes to get up and running, and the running cost will be about 5USD per month.

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Convos is more user-friendly than ever

Convos has always been about making the most user-friendly chat interface for IRC networks. We wanted to create the easiest user interface to keep in touch with our friends and fellow open source developers. Focusing on the chat experience is still the main focus, but we also see that it is important for our users to be able to tweak settings in a convenient way. Convos 2.00 addresses some of these needs.

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How to define custom styling for Convos

Convos 1.x does no longer support defining custom assets in your CONVOS_HOME directory.

We might make this process simpler in the future, but for now you have to modify the source code. Please have a look at the development guide to get started. This post will build on top of that guide with an example on how to make your own custom theme.

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Convos 1.00 is out in the wild

It sure did take way too long time, but I’ve finally managed to release Convos 1.00.

A new shiny tool for building webapps called Svelte had a major release in April, which fueled me with a new drive to give Convos a well deserved overhaul. Svelte changes everything by moving the heavy lifting from your browser to compile time — making web applications such as Convos more snappy than ever!

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Convos got a built in pastebin

Convos has a high focus on privacy. Convos can be run on closed network, and no external resources on the public internet should ever be needed. This ideas was also taken into consideration when we decided bundle a pastebin with Convos. The pastebin implementation stores the data in CONVOS_HOME, meaning you are in full control of the data shared.

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Convos version 0.99_33 is out with bugfixes

Version 0.99_33 has been released with a bunch of updates. Run the install command to get the latest version!

IRC servers with credentials

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Convos version 0.99_24 is out

Version 0.99_24 is out in the wild. This release feature some cool changes in the user interface, but also some important bug fixes.

Listing of available rooms

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Convos version 0.99_21 is out

Version 0.99_21 is fresh from the bakery! Run the install command to get the latest version.

Who’s in the current dialog?

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Convos loves Docker

We now have an official Docker file for Convos! The image is based on Alpine 3.5, making it very small and easy to install. You can get up and running with these commands:

# Build
$ docker build --no-cache --rm -t nordaaker/convos .
# Run
$ docker run -it --rm -p 8080:3000 -v /var/convos/data:/data nordaaker/convos

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We all like shiny things

It’s been a while since the last post, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t cool things happening!

Version 0.99_15 is just out with a bunch of updates. Run the install command to get up and running!

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Add participants list and more

The stable branch has now been updated. Want the updates? Run the install command!

Who am I talking to?

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Fixed fetching latest messages on websocket reconnect and other juicy updates

The stable branch has now been updated with major bugfixes:

Server didn’t like my code regarding “unread” count

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Convos 1.0 beta

We can finally announce Convos 1.0 beta! It is already running on, so if you’re feeling adventurous you can try it out there.

This new version has been completely rebuilt from ground up, meaning almost none of the original code is part of the new project. The downside with that is that it’s not even close to being compatible with the old version: There’s simply no Redis backend! This means that the old log messages will not be converted to the new file-based backend - unless someone writes a script to convert the old storage to plain text files.

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Convos revamped!


Convos is a chat application that runs in your browser. It allows you to be persistently connected to IRC servers, where you can leave the office and up the conversation on the bus without being disconnected.

Convos was born in June 2012. It has been developed to scratch an itch that both we had: We wanted to be connected to IRC, but felt that IRSSI running in screen was quite cumbersome, especially seen from a mobile perspective: We wanted an web interface that was responsive and therefore fit on any medium we would carry around.

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