Getting started

Check out the getting started guide if you need help regarding how to download, install, and run Convos.


The configuration guide explains how to customize Convos. Note that there is no need to configure Convos to get it running! Convos has sane defaults, which makes it a breeze to start.

You might also want to check out the faq for the most common obstacles while setting up and running Convos.


Are you interested in developing Convos? The check out the develop guide. We want you on our team!

Get in touch

There are several ways to get in touch. We would love to hear from you in either way you choose!

You can join #convos on for an interactive chat, send us a message on twitter or create an issue on Github. If you’re more of the email type, then send an email to [email protected].org.


The backend of Convos is written in Perl and Mojolicious, while the frontend is written with JavaScript and Vue.

Language Files Code Comment
Perl 21 2380 Without couting tests
JavaScript 21 1613 jQuery and vanilla
Vuejs Component 30 1529 Reactive web components
Sass 12 947 CSS / Sass
JSON 1 685 OpenAPI specification
Total 85 7154  

Updated 2017-04-24 using cloc assets/{js,vue,sass}/ lib/