Convos 1.0 beta

We can finally announce Convos 1.0 beta! It is already running on, so if you’re feeling adventurous you can try it out there.

This new version has been completely rebuilt from ground up, meaning almost none of the original code is part of the new project. The downside with that is that it’s not even close to being compatible with the old version: There’s simply no Redis backend! This means that the old log messages will not be converted to the new file-based backend - unless someone writes a script to convert the old storage to plain text files.

Browser support

Convos uses vue.js to render the frontend and WebSockets to communicate with backend. This means that it will work on Internet Explorer 9 and above, as well as other modern browsers.

The design is based on Material Design, and works just as well on a mobile as on your desktop.


Convos is almost feature complete, compared to the old code base, but the code is much younger, so there are probably a bunch of bugs - hence the “beta” tag on the stable release.

Have a look at GitHub issue #265 for more details.


Here are some stats generated by cloc:

Language Files Comment Code
  Perl 15 665 1579
+ JavaScript 22 69 1327
+ SASS 11 21 622
= SUM 48 755 3528

Its amazing how little code that is required, when you build on top of CPAN.



Check out the documentation index or jump directly to the installation manual.