Add participants list and more

The stable branch has now been updated. Want the updates? Run the install command!

Who am I talking to?

So in Convos a “channel” is called a dialog, and “users” are called “participants”. But until now, there was no good way to see the participant list for a channel. This is now changed: A “cog wheel” button, next to the “notifications” button will now show dialog settings.


Why can’t I install this awesome application?

There was an issue installing Convos if you did not already have IO::Socket::SSL installed. This SSL module was added to the dependency list, but that doesn’t help much when the module is required to install itself… The fix is to install modules over HTTP instead of HTTPS, until IO::Socket::SSL is installed.

But wait! There’s more!

Check out the Changes or have a look at the git history if you want all the details, but here are some highlights: