Convos version 0.99_24 is out

Version 0.99_24 is out in the wild. This release feature some cool changes in the user interface, but also some important bug fixes.

Listing of available rooms

The “Join dialog” page now shows a list of available rooms, which makes it more intuitive and easy to find the correct chat room to join. The “Dialog name” input field can be used to search in the list of available rooms. The default list is sorted by number of participants, which makes it easy to find the most popular rooms on the current server.

Join dialog

You can now send any IRC command

There used to be a limitation to which IRC commands you could send. This limitation is now removed.

Convos still handle some commands with custom logic (such as JOIN, WHOIS, …), but other commands (such as WHOWAS) is now sent and received as raw IRC messages. Please let us know if your favorite IRC command should get some extra love, so it will render in a more pleasing way.

Bug fixes

This version includes some bug fixes, here are the two most important fixes:

  • Fix registration process: There used to be a bug which require you to refresh the browser window, after adding a new server. This is now fixed.
  • You can now go to the profile and help pages while running the initial registration wizard.


So what are you waiting for? Get the new version of Convos now!

And don’t forget to contact us if something doesn’t work as expected, or you just want to say hi.

Convos version 0.99_21 is out

Version 0.99_21 is fresh from the bakery! Run the install command to get the latest version.

Who’s in the current dialog?

Getting the participant list did not work when joining a dialog. It also failed when reconnecting to a server. Both of these issues are now fixed.

The participant list will also reload when the websocket connection is restarted.

Version 0.99_16 also add special styling to indicate if a user in a channel is currently active or not: A user who have left the channel will be rendered with “strike through” to indicate that the user is no longer present in the dialog.

Convos behind a reverse proxy

Convos has always worked behind a reverse proxy, but there was a bug which did not allow it to be mounted under a custom base path.

This bug was fixed in the beginning of December, making both location with and without a path working:

# Always worked
location / { ... }

# Now fixed
location /whatever/convos { ... }

Organization URL

You can now change the organization url to point to your own website.

On connect commands

Version 0.99_17 added support for defining and editing “on connect commands”. This allows commands such as /msg NickServ identify supersecretpassword to be run automatically when you connect to an IRC server.

Closing dialogs

You can now close dialogs directly from the dialog list, instead of clicking on the dialog first.


Want more details? Check out the Changelog, or come and talk to us.

Convos loves Docker

We now have an official Docker file for Convos! The image is based on Alpine 3.5, making it very small and easy to install. You can get up and running with these commands:

# Build
$ docker build --no-cache --rm -t nordaaker/convos .
# Run
$ docker run -it --rm -p 8080:3000 -v /var/convos/data:/data nordaaker/convos

8080 is the port where you want Convos to be exposed and /var/convos/data is where you want to store settings and logs on the host machine.

We have plans for other ways to install/run Convos. Have a look at issue #285 for more details. We welcome any help and input on making official Convos packages and easy “install buttons”.

We all like shiny things

It’s been a while since the last post, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t cool things happening!

Version 0.99_15 is just out with a bunch of updates. Run the install command to get up and running!

New shiny things

The user interface has a lot of improvements: Among other things, we now support emojis! Type in a smiley or an UTF-8 emoji, and it will render correctly using emojione. The input field also support entering emojis, using the same interface as github: Type “:” (colon) and then press “tab” to see possible emojis.

Are you a programmer? You can now format your code using backticks, just like regular markdown supports, it will be rendered like

The menu bar has fewer icons now. The “edit profile” and “help” icons are removed, and the functionality moved to the left side menu, below the dialog list.

Major bug fix by a new contributor

@alilles had an issue where Convos would truncate setting files when the disk was full. We tracked down the issue and fixed it. The result is that Convos will now throw an error instead of nuking all the settings for the users.

Thanks Anders, for helping out!

Support for channel redirects

There are some IRC servers that support channel redirects – if you join a channel called #cool_channel, then you might end up in ##even_cooler_channel instead. This feature made Convos very confusing, where you could‘t part the origin channel. This is now fixed, and Convos will correctly track channel redirects.


Want more details? Check out the Changelog, or come and talk to us.

Add participants list and more

The stable branch has now been updated. Want the updates? Run the install command!

Who am I talking to?

So in Convos a “channel” is called a dialog, and “users” are called “participants”. But until now, there was no good way to see the participant list for a channel. This is now changed: A “cog wheel” button, next to the “notifications” button will now show dialog settings.


Why can’t I install this awesome application?

There was an issue installing Convos if you did not already have IO::Socket::SSL installed. This SSL module was added to the dependency list, but that doesn’t help much when the module is required to install itself… The fix is to install modules over HTTP instead of HTTPS, until IO::Socket::SSL is installed.

But wait! There’s more!

Check out the Changes or have a look at the git history if you want all the details, but here are some highlights:

  • Prevent showing join/part messages in all channels.
  • Fix loading Convos on Windows Mobile.
  • Fix parsing UTC time in Firefox.
  • Add favicon.
  • Add support for /kick and /mode IRC commands.